1. Welcome to CloudCraft SMP!
    Connect @ mc.cloudcraftfun.net:25565


Vote for CloudCraft

Voting increases our ranking score on server listings. When you vote you will be awarded 5 + 1% total votes in gems.
You will also get a freeitem package which can be claimed with !ap claim freeitem
The more you vote the more gems you are given in bonus so make sure to vote regularly.

Here are places where you can vote for CloudCraft once per day!

Website #1 - MinecraftServers - http://minecraftservers.org/vote/80498
Website #2 - TopG - http://topg.org/Minecraft/in-366498
Website #3 - Minestatus - http://minestatus.net/5789-cloudcraft-smp/vote
Website #4 - Minequery - http://minequery.net/server/vote/CloudCraft-SMP
Website #5 - MCServerFinder - http://www.mcserverfinder.com/servers/vote/685 (New!)

How to vote on Minestatus http://minestatus.net/5789-cloudcraft-smp/vote

1. Enter in minecraft username
2. Type letters in image
3. Click vote

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